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*Successful applicants who choose the housing option will be provided with the address of the hotel upon confirming their place on the course.


  • Daily breakfast is included in the price of the accommodation.

  • The hotel offered by Yerevan Ballet Festival is located in the city center, within walking distance of the theatre.

  • Students choosing our accommodation will have the benefit of connecting with other dancers outside of class hours.

  • Staying in the heart of Yerevan means all the beautiful tourist locations will be just a short walk away.

  • Yerevan, especially the center, is considered one of the safest cities, even at night.

  • A staff member will walk the dancers from the hotel to the theatre on the first day of the course.

  • Airport transfer to and from the hotel is included in the accommodation package.

Applicants who opt out of housing are free to make their own arrangements, but they must provide their contact information and location to Yerevan Ballet Festival before the start of the course. We are happy to offer a list of recommendations upon request.

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